VPA Competitive Advantage


Value  Point Accounting provides a competitive edge with superior economic  information at the product and customer level.  EBITDA and supporting  investment dollars are identified for each product or service billable  to each customer.

Replacing Gross Profit
The typical business product and customer financial performance measure  is “Gross Profit” - sales minus cost of goods sold.  VPA replaces that  with a performance metric comprehending sales volume, product mix,  price, customer payment practice and the target rate of return on  utilized operating assets.

Creating Value
Business value improves by redeploying existing resources and focusing growth on higher value products, services and customers.

The whole is the sum of its parts..........look at the parts!

Victory belongs to the side
  That scores most
  In the temple calculations
  Before battle

Sun-tzu, The Art of War
6th century BC